courtney alicia

transparent + true; a collection of thoughts

gather me up

gather me up,
hold me near,
remind me of goodness,
of things not to fear.

light all the candles,
fill all the plates,
make room at the table,
for kings and the greats.

you tell me I’m lovely,
you say that she’s sweet,
we talk growing babies,
while growing, we eat.

the evening is quiet,
but how should it be?
if not for the gifts
shared between you and me.

gather me up,
hold me close.
remind me of beauty,
of what glistens most.

sing all the melodies,
say all the songs.
goodbye to our worries,
away with our wrongs.

you tell me I’m gracious,
you say she’s our star.
she pushes us forward;
love, we’ve travelled far.

the evening is quiet,
why shouldn’t it be?
we whisper our secrets,
to you and to me.

gather me up,
hold me so.
remind me of truth,
of the debt we don’t owe.

kiss all the moments,
caress all the days.
it’s better to dwell on
His beautiful ways.

you tell me He loves me,
you say that she’s mine.
we pray for our daughter,
while praying for time.

the evening is quiet,
it’s how it should be.
He holds us together,
the prince they call Peace.

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