gather me up

gather me up,
hold me near,
remind me of goodness,
of things not to fear.

light all the candles,
fill all the plates,
make room at the table,
for kings and the greats.

you tell me I’m lovely,
you say that she’s sweet,
we talk growing babies,
while growing, we eat.

the evening is quiet,
but how should it be?
if not for the gifts
shared between you and me.

gather me up,
hold me close.
remind me of beauty,
of what glistens most.

sing all the melodies,
say all the songs.
goodbye to our worries,
away with our wrongs.

you tell me I’m gracious,
you say she’s our star.
she pushes us forward;
love, we’ve travelled far.

the evening is quiet,
why shouldn’t it be?
we whisper our secrets,
to you and to me.

gather me up,
hold me so.
remind me of truth,
of the debt we don’t owe.

kiss all the moments,
caress all the days.
it’s better to dwell on
His beautiful ways.

you tell me He loves me,
you say that she’s mine.
we pray for our daughter,
while praying for time.

the evening is quiet,
it’s how it should be.
He holds us together,
the prince they call Peace.

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let me be a woman

go and work,
go off and play,
don’t waste your days to stay …
the world is at your feet
so “go and take it” they will say.

yet I will stand,
and as I wait
for the tears to touch my face,
they’ll think I’m weak,
fall to my knees to speak,
“let me be a woman”.

be vivacious,
make a scene,
nothing’s worth more than living your dreams …
the world is on your doorstep
so “go and take it” they will say.

yet I will remain,
and as I do,
crying to Him and crying for you,
they’ll think I’m weak,
fall to my knees to speak,
“let me be a woman”.

just be yourself,
just be true,
your emotions are your greatest cues …
the world was created just for you
so “go and take it” they will say.

yet I will fight,
and as I slay,
the lies of demons run away.
but they’ll think I’m weak,
fall to my knees to speak,
“let me be a woman”.

don’t need no man,
they’re good for nothing,
why submit or clean up something … ?
the world is run by us
so “go and take it” they will say.

yet I will serve,
as I rejoice,
in the men of honour who’ve made the choice.
they’ll think I’m weak,
fall to my knees to speak,
“let me be a woman”.

take control,
take the lead,
let no one make you obsolete …
the world is wasting away beneath your feet
so “go and take it” they will say.

yet I will refrain,
as I edify,
my brothers who all live to die.
they’ll think I’m weak,
fall to my knees to speak,
“let me be a woman”.

my dear, be humble,
be brave and kind,
we weren’t created to walk our own line …
His world is one of great design
so “go and embrace it” I will say.

one day I’ll hold you
in my arms,
the sweetest gift
of sweeter charms,
and pray against the greatest harms,
“Lord let her be a woman”

don’t listen to what the world will say,
they take what they want and throw the rest away,
but I will fight for your heart till my dying day
“Lord let her be a woman”.

yes we’ll be strong,
as we sing,
of better days and our Heavenly King …
but they’ll think we’re weak,
fall to our knees and speak,
“let us be women”.


faithful, all the same

I do not know your story,
I barely know your name,
yet I can say with certainty
you were faithful all the same.

you loved someone who left you
only a penny to your name,
yet you found hope through darkness,
you were faithful all the same.

you fought the blows of strangers,
they called you out by name,
yet you spoke words of tenderness,
you were faithful all the same.

you held your children near,
huddled prayers “in Jesus’ name”,
yet when you cried neath skies of gray
you were faithful all the same.

you loved someone who found you,
with you they shared their name,
yet through tears the sun did shine,
you were faithful all the same.

you do not know my story,
you barely know my name,
yet all the while you’ve taught me
He is faithful, all the same.


superman’s not coming

To my dear darling future daughter(s),

I’m desperately sorry that it has come down to this. It pains me to deliver a message that begins with nothing but death. The death of what may seem like life. But unless I share this with you sooner, it will only haunt you later, because you will have believed a lie and I will have failed you as a loving parent.

The truth of the matter is this …

Superman’s not coming.

I don’t mean not today. Or tomorrow. Or maybe next week. He’s not too busy for you, or caught up in greater importances around the world. But he’s just not ever coming.

For all those times that you will fall and scrape your knees on the harsh gravel of our world, he won’t dash around the corner to dust you off and patch you up. He can’t airlift you to a hospital emergency room by his graceful un-human-like strength or prevent you from derailing your train as you hurtle down the tracks of life. Superman’s not coming.

When you fail once again, miserably (because you will, but it’s okay, I still love you) and the walls around you begin to crumble and disintegrate before your eyes and you can’t seem to shake the thought it will never end … he won’t arrive unannounced to rebuild the ruins of despair and destruction; hopelessness will certainly prevail. He doesn’t have the blueprint for success tucked away in his back-pocket. Superman’s not coming.

When a boy, and I pray sincerely there will be few, or maybe even none to whisk you astray for even a moment… But when or if a boy breaks your heart, when a guy aimlessly and immaturely convinces you that he could be like superman, fight your battles and save the day – even though he is incapable of having the wisdom to understand that he cannot afford your worth, let alone be grand beyond belief – the embrace of solid steel will not surround you. The so-called superhero can’t send the guy off flying into the depths of the universe, nor repair the tattered stitches you so sweetly and innocently tried to sew to mend the heartache because you simply believed that boy would be different. He can’t even buy you ice-cream or hold your hand and cry with you, as if his magic would somehow subside the pain. Superman’s not coming.

And darling, I’m not lying when I say that I am honestly crying right now in this moment, writing this to you. Because I’m hurt too. Right now, there is an awful pain in my chest, a heavy weight of utter sadness, laced with the chemicals of opportunities missed and messed up. Things I hoped I’d have that may never be anymore. Things I poured my heart into – how fickle and naive of a heart I have – that are not to be mine. There is a set of books I wish could go up in flames that hold a key to my misfortunes – as though the warmth of those flames might produce a light to sustain my soul. But alas, Superman’s not coming.

But don’t lose hope.

For I know the one who is.

Don’t lose hope when you’re swimming in a sea of joylessness or washed away by the trials of unprecedented circumstances. When you feel like you might drown, continue to tread the unknown waters. Whatever you do, don’t lose hope. For He is coming.

Don’t give in when sin comes knocking on the door of your mind and you feel the strength seeping out of you through every inch of your fragile skin and you don’t think you can fight the good fight anymore. Whatever you do, don’t give in. For He is coming.

Don’t let go when you look down at your hands and see the dirty uprooted mess you thought was your heart, and wonder how anyone could ever desire to repair it, care for it, nurture it and replant it so that it might thrive again. Whatever you do, don’t let go. For He is coming.

“… To him who loves us and has freed us from our sins by his blood and made us a kingdom, priests to his God and Father, to him be glory and dominion forever and ever. Amen. Behold, he is coming with the clouds, and every eye will see him, even those who pierced him, and all tribes of the earth will wail on account of him. Even so. Amen.

“I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”” [revelation 1:5-8]

My sweet girl, Superman isn’t coming.

But Jesus Christ has been and will come again. It is in Him we can hope, all the days of our lives. He will never leave us or forsake us. He will never desert us in our weakness. But in and through our weaknesses, He will make us strong. He bears the weight of our piercing transgressions and comforts our weary souls. He paid the price for our sins with the bright red and blameless blood that pumped through His veins on earth. It is by grace that we are saved, through faith and repentance, and called sons and daughters of our Heavenly Father.

I am glad that Superman isn’t coming for you or for me. For I do not wish to be saved only in this life. Temporarily. Lacking everlasting purpose.

But the Lord our God will hold us fast for eternity, and we must cling to Christ till He returns. He is our joy, our strength, our peace, our song. And I will fight hand-in-hand with you to bring Him glory, feeble efforts and all.

In Christ alone,

Your future mother who hopes to wait on the Lord every day and in every way.

Courtney Alicia