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new beginnings

I have contemplated a lot about blogging again.

Our world, well it feels so very divided, so very desperate, and so very depressed. There is a lot of noise going on outside: shouts of anger, tears of painful sadness, voices of confusion, and screaming thoughts of anxiety. These sounds, they ring loud and clear, and yet people still seem to be one hundred percent lost and looking for something else. Something better. Something that is truly good.

I do not merely want to add to that noise, and so I hope instead that this place might be a little different.

I am but one person, who has lived one life, and who serves one God. I am no expert, no influencer, no professional, no everything or everyone, I am just one.

And I hope that when you come to this place, you too can feel like it is a place for just one. For you, and for me, and for those you love.

A place where everything feels a little quieter. Where the noisiness can be drowned out by the peace of a river that flows so near to you. Where troubles seem a little less scary, and hope feels a little more tangible.

A place to heal from deep wounds. A place to remember what it’s like to watch the raindrops race down the window in the backseat of the car at nighttime, illuminated by the lamp-posts and traffic lights. A place to laugh about the silliness of the human experience. A place to reflect and reminisce. A place that might even feel like home at times, in its own way.

I don’t really have rules or an agenda, no point to push, but just a desire to write and see where it takes me, and where it might also take you.

Here I hope you will find words that boast the fragrance of thoughtfulness and creativity, with a hint of nostalgia, longing, and reflection.

Here I hope you begin to understand yourself and understand others a little more with each line, each phrase, each idea. That you might begin to see how we are all very much connected and affected by each other, and very much able to change the path we are headed down by the most glorious gift of grace.

And lastly, it is here that I hope you might meet someone, someone who sees you, knows you, and loves you. Who holds every tear in a bottle made just for you. Who knows every strand of hair that flutters in the breeze upon your head. Who I can only imagine has the absolute kindest eyes in the entirety of the world’s history of eyes. Maybe you have already met this person, this lover of our souls, and maybe it is your first time, but no matter, I hope you see him more clearly than ever.

May my writing be an echo of love and a humble beacon of light, from him to you.

Love, Courtney.

2 responses to “new beginnings”

  1. Even that introduction was helpful to my very weary heart. Thank you. I look forward to reading what is to come.


  2. So excited you’ll be blogging again!


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